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XState.tips aims to fill the gap between the world of Finite State machines and Statecharts and the real world of development.

If you’re not familiar with State machines and statecharts, check out XState Docs and The world of Statecharts.

Even though this website tries to provide the code tips in the syntax of XState, the modeling concepts and the shared tips are mostly implementation agnostic.

How to add a tip

  • Tips live under /data/tips directory in markdown format. Either clone the repo and add a new markdown file or try adding it on Github.

  • Run yarn prepare to collect and compile the tips into data/_tips.json which will be consumed by the website.

    Note: This will also regenerate a new static/feed.xml to update RSS feed based on the new compiled tips.

  • Send a PR!

Generate RSS Feed

The RSS file lives under static directory. This file is autogenerated based on data/_tips.json.

To generate a new RSS feed, run yarn prepare.


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